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Tetsuo Iida

Born in Tokyo

Lives & works in Tokyo, Japan


While working at a global technology company, I create my works inspired by issues I observe from my perspectives. The theme changes in accordance with the nature of task I am working on at the time, such as subject, location and challenge. But some examples includes "Globalization", "Cloud Computing", "Innovation" and "Work Style". I express them not in the form of business presentation, but as acrylic paintings, because I believe that these issues are not just business matters, but things impacting all of us.          

Solo Exhibitions

2013   "Mutation" Artcomplex Center of Tokyo (A.C.T.)

2014   "Mixed" A.C.T.

2015   "Doubt the Boundaries" A.C.T.

2016   "Capitalism and Beyond" A.C.T.

2017   "Artwork on the Commonality" A.C.T.

2018   "You may quit your job, if you like" A.C.T.

2019   "Separation, Space and Anxiety" A.C.T.

2020   "Signature of Life" A.C.T.

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